About Us

We are an all black/New Afrikan network of Anarchists, Autonomists, and Anti-State Communists struggling in the Salish Sea region of the Pacific Northwest.

We recognize that the idea of black liberation has been stuck in the grip of elements that are antithetical to black liberation, let alone the liberation of anyone else. Whether the failed ideologies and methodologies of state communism, the opportunism, reformism, and radical chic of liberal and progressive NGO’s and academics, or the reactionary hyper patriarchal, colonial, and homo/transphobic politics of the Nation of Islam or the New Black Panther Party. We understand black liberation as a struggle to destroy the entirety of the world that has been founded on black subjugation and see the only way to do this through autonomous, non-hierarchical, self managed revolt. We also understand our liberation to be bound in the liberation of all other oppressed peoples and while our main focus and theoretical lens may be black liberation we are always agitating, pushing, and building for liberatory revolt across all identity lines. Social war, not race war.

In the post Ferguson era, where black led revolts against the police and confrontations with civic nationalists and insurgent fascists are common place, we find it is especially important to push the thoughts, narratives, and actions of black/New Afrikan insurrectionists up as a counter to the popular black reformist or reactionary.

While we are focused in and on the Salish Sea region in the territories dominated by the United States, we maintain an internationalist perspective. We think it’s important to link global struggles to our local struggles and vice-versa, and to provide material solidarity with struggles around the glove where possible. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that the high of the anarchist movement was when it was a global force and to further this we intend to do research and analysis on class struggle in areas all across the globe.