[Zine] To Reach Out And Touch One Another


Quarantine isn’t coming to the US, it’s already here. Like everywhere else It does not arrive as a social peace treaty but comes crawling from the decaying corpse of the welfare state as a monstrous racial policing apparatus. Prison has never been a singular place but a particular collection of techniques of social control and that is most apparent under the logic of quarantine where every good citizen is both, and happily we may add, captive and warden. What this says for physical prisons is even more grim as they are transformed into the most pure expression of capital: workhouses where prison slaves manufacture our hand sanitizer[1] and PPE[2] so that we may live, and on the flip side mass graves, human warehouses packed to the brim under hostile conditions, a fertile field for both the virus and their captors to run wild[3]. Continue reading


Since the middle of December last year there has been an ongoing revolt in Sudan. This outbreak of rebellion a continuation of earlier struggles against the regime of Omar al-Bashir. In April, escalating protests led to a round the clock sit in occupation of the Military HQ demanding the fall of the regime. The military – under the pretext of siding with the revolutionaries – used this unrest to stage a coup and oust al-Bashir and install themselves as the Transitional Military Council(TMC), many of the people on this council had ties to the old regime and to the notorious Janjaweed – an Arab ethno-nationalist militia (re-branded under al-Bashir as the Rapid Support Forces or RSF) involved in war crimes and genocide in Darfur.

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Nationalist Militants, Police Collusion, and “Less Than Lethal” Weapons

On August 4th an assortment of militant, far-right groups comprised of Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, and various white supremacists and neo-nazis from 13 different states converged in Portland, Oregon. They came armed to the teeth, no doubt still high off the blood spilled on June 30th and called to holy war by Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, who declared Portland a city “…filled with so-much hate, so much darkness, so much deception…” that, “…freedom loving Americans, people who love this country, people who respect god…” must go into to “cleanse”[1]. In response, a coalition of antifascists, political groups, churches, and unions came out 1000+ strong to kick the nationalist militants out of their city.

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